CM260B coil specific insulation powder

Unit: PC

Size: N/A


Performance characteristics

CM260B coil specific insulation powder is a special type of insulation powder designed specifically for the fixation and insulation of electric tool stator and rotor, motor, and automotive motor coils. It is made of high-purity epoxy, microcapsule encapsulated curing agent, toughening agent, and other materials through hot melting, crushing, grading, and magnetic separation. This powder has strong line and circle permeability and mechanical resistance. Suitable for fixing and insulation of coil windings. It is an ideal product to replace binding, paint dripping, energy conservation and environmental protection. It has been replaced by many electric tool enterprises such as Nantong, Yongkang, Shenzhen, and other similar imported products.

Packaging and storage

Packaged in high-quality round paper drums, lined with high-pressure polyethylene bags. 25 kilograms per barrel. Indoor storage, ventilated and dry

Powder material propertiesIndicator nameindexCured Coating PropertiesIndicator nameindex
ExteriorLoose, no caking, no impuritiesExteriorsmooth, flat
available colormultiple colourPermeability mm≥0.3
Fineness (through 100 mesh)≥95%Electric strength (KV/mm; room temperature)≥30
Gel time (180℃±2℃)/sec30~60Impact strengthkg/cm≥45
Horizontal fluidity (180℃±2℃)/mm18~22.5Volume resistivity (normal)Ω.cm≥1014
Storage period (room temperature)6 months
Coating processWorkpiece preheating temperature145℃±5℃
Curing temperature °C150℃±5℃
Curing time min40±5