FZJ-308A flame-retardant elastic insulation powder

Unit: PC

Size: N/A


Performance characteristics

Flame retardant insulation powder is developed by our company's technical personnel and experts from Guangzhou Institute of Science and Technology, comparing the technical indicators of advanced foreign products and selecting high-quality imported epoxy resin, toughening agent, and curing agent. Its main technical indicators have reached or exceeded similar foreign products. The coating is uniform, the surface is flat, and there are multiple colors, with good electrical, moisture-proof, bending performance, and unique flame retardant performance. It can reduce the distance between phases and ground, reduce the volume of the cabinet, save energy, improve production efficiency, and achieve mechanical assembly line operation. Widely used for external insulation coating of electrical components such as dry switch busbars, aluminum bars, short circuiters, insulated pull rods, coils, etc.

Coating process

Use electrostatic fluidized bed coating method or fluidized bed immersion coating method.

Packaging and storage

Packed in high-quality round paper drums, each weighing 25KG. The storage period at room temperature, dry, and ventilated is 12 months.

Powder material propertiesIndicator nameindexCoating film performanceIndicator nameIndicator name
ExteriorLoose, no caking, no impuritiesExteriorsmooth
available colormultiple colourImpact strengthkg/cm²≥50
Fineness (through 80 mesh)≥95%Bend performance 115 degreesno cracking
Fineness (through 320 mesh)≤20%Breakdown strength (normal) kv/mm≥25
Storage period (room temperature)12 monthsVolume resistivity (normal)Ω.cm≥1013
Water absorption (boiling for 2h)<1.5%
Gel time (180℃±2℃)min1-4heat resistance>105℃
Horizontal fluidity 180℃±2℃10min/mm16-20flame retardantV-1
Operating process requirementsWorkpiece preheating temperature ℃180±5Comparing creepage trace indicesCTI600
Preheating time min20-40Thermal cycling150℃200h thermal aging without cracks
Curing temperature °C180-200-20-100℃ 5 times without crack
Curing time min20-30-40-100℃ 5 times without crack