CM260X high toughness insulation powder

Unit: PC

Size: N/A


Performance characteristics

CM260X is a new type of insulation powder made by our company based on market demand, using materials such as nano modified epoxy, high-quality curing agent, toughening agent, etc. through hot melting, crushing, and magnetic separation. This powder has super strong flexibility and bending strength. Suitable for surface insulation of electrical workpieces with high requirements for flexibility. Especially recommended for electrode encapsulation insulation of automotive starting motors. Compared with traditional binding and painting processes, using powder coating technology can save more than 90% of labor and over 30% of energy.

Coating process

Use fluidized bed immersion coating or electrostatic spraying method

Packaging and storage

Packaged in high-quality round paper drums, lined with high-pressure polyethylene bags. 25 kilograms per barrel. Indoor storage, ventilated and dry.

Powder material properties Coating processIndicator nameindexCured Coating PropertiesIndicator nameindex
ExteriorLoose, no caking, no impuritiesExteriorsmooth, flat
available colormultiple colourFlexibility (folded in half multiple times)no crack
Fineness (through 80 mesh)≥80%Electric strength (KV/mm; room temperature)≥35
Gel time (180℃±2℃)/sec40~100Impact strength (positive and negative) cm/kg≥50
Horizontal fluidity (180℃±2°℃)/mm16~20Volume resistivity (normal)Ω.cm≥1014
Storage period (room temperature)6 months

Cooling and heating cycle -40℃~150℃; 5 times

no crack

Workpiece preheating temperature170℃±5℃
Preheating time min20±5
Curing temperature °C175℃±5℃
Curing time min25±5