JZ-108 Color Insulation Powder

Unit: PC

Size: N/A


Performance characteristics

J2-108 colored insulation powder is developed on the basis of elastic powder, which has the advantages of elastic insulation powder and unique decorative properties, with a wide range of applications. Colorful insulation powder is a functional epoxy resin powder coating made by selecting high-quality epoxy resin, curing agent, toughening agent, etc. through hot melt mixing, crushing, screening, and magnetic separation. Especially suitable for surface insulation coating of motor rotors, coils, and other components. Complies with EU RoHS environmental indicators.

Coating process

Using electrostatic coating method and fluidized bed coating method.

Packaging and storage

Packed in high-quality round paper drums, each weighing 25KG. Room temperature, dry, and ventilated storage period of 12 months

Powder material propertiesIndicator nameindexCoating film performanceIndicator nameIndicator name
ExteriorLoose, no caking, no impuritiesExteriorsmooth
available colormultiple colourImpact strengthkg/cm²≥50
Fineness (through 80 mesh)≥95%Bend performance 115 degreesno cracking
Fineness (through 320 mesh)≤20%Breakdown strength (normal) kv/mm≥25
Storage period (room temperature)12 monthsVolume resistivity (normal)Ω.cm≥1013
Gel time (180℃±2℃)min1-8Water absorption (boiling for 2h)<1.5%
Horizontal fluidity 180°℃±2℃10min/mm16-20heat resistance>105℃
Operating process requirementsCuring temperature °C180-200Comparing creepage trace indicesCTI600
Curing time min60-75