CM260P high-temperature fast solidification powder


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Performance characteristics

It has bright colors, excellent electrical performance, moisture resistance, rapid curing performance, excellent resistance to cold and hot deformation, cutting penetration, and good edge coverage. At the same time, it has the advantages of reducing motor temperature rise, increasing slot capacity, simplifying winding process, ensuring product quality, improving production efficiency, and achieving mechanical assembly line operation.


Insulation coating for various DC motors, motors, magnetos, and other rotors, iron core slots, and iron core ends.

Coating process

Using electrostatic fluidized bed coating method and high-frequency automatic rapid coating method.

Product Certification

The product has passed UL certification in the United States and meets the requirements of the EU RoHS environmental directive; Through SVHC high concern substance detection.


Packaged in high-quality round paper tubes, lined with high-pressure polyethylene bags. 25 kilograms per barrel. Indoor storage, ventilated and dry.

Powder material propertiesIndicator nameindexCoating film performanceIndicator nameindex
ExteriorLoose, no caking, no impuritiesExteriorsmooth
available colormany colorsImpact strengthkg/cm≥45
Fineness (through 80 mesh)≥95%Breakdown strength (normal) kv/mm≥20
Storage period (room temperature)6 monthsVolume resistivity (normal)Ω.cm≥1013
Gel time (180℃±2℃)min1.0~3.0Surface resistivity (coefficient)Ω4x1013
Horizontal fluidity 180℃±2℃10min/mm16~19Edge Coverage %≥34
Non-volatile content≥99%Heat resistance grade (grade)B-F