CM5555 High temperature resistant and fast curing insulation powder

Unit: PC

Size: N/A


Performance characteristics

After years of dedicated research and development, this powder has been developed based on advanced foreign product technical indicators. Its main raw materials are from world-renowned chemical companies (Dow, BASF, Auto Bar, etc.), which have extremely high temperature resistance, electrical strength, and fast curing speed. Its main technical indicators can be comparable to similar foreign products. For workpieces with high heat absorption or processes with high coating temperatures, there is no need to return to the oven (channel) for curing.


Widely used for slot and end insulation coating of various small and medium-sized DC motors, stators, and motor rotors.

Recommended coating process

Electrostatic fluidized bed/thermal spray method/immersion coating method.

Product Certification

Complies with EU RoHS environmental directives.


Packed in high-quality round cardboard barrels, 25kg/barrel

Powder material propertiesIndicator nameindexCoating film performanceIndicator nameindex
ExteriorLoose, dry, no lumps, no machinery

Impurities and uniform color.

ExteriorSmooth, flat, slight orange peel is allowed,

No other obvious defects.

available colormultiple colourImpact strengthkg/cm≥40
Fineness (through 100 mesh)≥95%Breakdown strength (normal) kv/mm≥40
Storage period (room temperature)3~6 monthsVolume resistivity (normal)≥1013
Gel time (180℃±2℃)min20~40 secondsSurface resistivity (coefficient) 04x1013
Comparing creepage trace indicesCT1600
Horizontal fluidity 180℃±2℃10min/mm16~17mm
Edge Coverage %35~42
Non-volatile content≥99%
Heat resistance grade (grade)H