CM260K magnetic ring special flame retardant insulation powder

Unit: PC

Size: N/A


Performance characteristics

CM260K magnetic ring special insulation powder is a high-quality raw material that our company uses according to market demand, such as special epoxy, curing agent, nano modifier, etc., through hot melting and powder insulating powder made by crushing and magnetic separation. This powder has an ultra-fast curing speed and excellent mechanical and electrical strength


Mainly used for matrix insulation of various magnetic rings.

Coating process

This product is coated using a rotary vibration automatic coating machine

Product Certification

The product has passed UL certification in the United States and meets the requirements of the EU RoHS environmental protection directive; Simultaneously passing SVHC high concern substance detection.


Packaged in high-quality round paper drums or cardboard boxes lined with high-pressure polyethylene bags. The shelf life under low-temperature ventilation conditions is 3 months

   Indicator namestandard
   Gel time (180℃±2℃)5~30 sec.
   curing conditionsThe specific curing conditions depend on the performance requirements of the workpiece and equipment conditions
   Fineness (through 80 mesh)≥98%
   Coating properties after curing:
   colormultiple colour
   Recommended film thickness150-450μm
   ExteriorSmooth and smooth without obvious orange peel
   Adhesionlevel 0
   breakdown voltage>30KV/mm
   corner coverage>30%
   Dichloromethane immersion>12h, no foaming, no detachment
   Flame Retardancy (UL 94)V-0