CM260C-3 Flame retardant epoxy powder encapsulation material

Unit: PC

Size: N/A


Performance characteristics

CM260C-3 flame-retardant epoxy powder encapsulation material is designed specifically for epoxy encapsulation of ceramic dielectric components such as ceramic capacitors and varistors. It has low melting point, fast curing speed, and high surface gloss. The coating has excellent electrical strength, low shrinkage, and good edge coating. Long storage period and good moisture resistance. Complies with RoHS standards.

Coating process

Using fluidized bed coating method.

Packaging and storage

Packaged in high-quality round paper barrels, lined with plastic bags. After removing the packaging material from the refrigerated box, it must be placed at room temperature until it reaches room temperature before opening the packaging

The storage conditions are 10 ° C, 65% relative humidity, and a shelf life of 3-6 months.